Core aeration is Best this time of year – Raleigh Aeration, Lawn care and landscaping When thinking about aerating your lawn, many people ask us about slit aeration. Slit aeration is usually performed with a tow behind attachment. In theory, it is good because it can generate moderate seed to soil contact, but in actuality

North Carolina is one of the few states that provide free soil sampling to all residents. Now in August is a good time to have your soil tested to determine proper pH and nutrients levels. The sampling is administered through the NCDA&CS. Knowing your soil health is key to growing a healthy lawn and landscape

The CCG team maintains an integrated pest management program to reduce chemical use on lawns. We know this can sound like the dirty side to our business but we actually maintain a safer environment when it comes lawn care. Other than just ‘prescribing’ a chemical treatment to a lawn, we look at the root cause

Fall Aeration is Approaching Aeration season is approaching, your lawn may still be looking decent after this year’s rain and cooler summer temperatures but aeration can fix your bad areas and improve your overall turf health.  Aeration should be performed yearly in the fall, on cool season turf. Aeration decreases soil compaction, allowing roots to

At Capital City Groundskeeping, we are about building a relationship with our clients and performing the best work possible. We are locally owned and operated by certified turfgrass professionals. We do perform many lawn maintenance and landscaping services, yet we work directly with the client to establish goals to get the job done right fast

Let Capital City Groundskeeping save you time and money with our professional fertilization programs. We offer year long fertilization and lawn treatment options to keep your lawn looking its best while your neighbor fumbles with a rusty spreader on the weekends. We guarantee results as we are Certified Turfgrass Professionals. Raleigh lawn care may be