Core Aeration is Best This Time of Year | Raleigh Aeration, Raleigh Landscaping and Raleigh Lawncare

by / Tuesday, 27 August 2013 / Published in News Updates

Core aeration is Best this time of year – Raleigh Aeration, Lawn care and landscaping

When thinking about aerating your lawn, many people ask us about slit aeration. Slit aeration is usually performed with a tow behind attachment. In theory, it is good because it can generate moderate seed to soil contact, but in actuality it is really creating more problems than it is helping. Slit aeration causes more compaction due to it penetrating the soil and creating a hole by displacement vs. core aeration by removing soil to allow the soil to loosen and breath. We have all of the right tools to get your lawn in tip top shape! Leave it to the professionals at CCG to perform your annual aeration service. | Raleigh Aeration, Lawn Care and Raleigh Landscaping

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