GIE + EXPO Convention – Lawn Care & Landscaping

by / Monday, 29 October 2012 / Published in News Updates

Our trip to Louisville, KY for the GIE + EXPO, the largest trade show of the green industry, was fun and eventful! We were able to explore and all demo all of the major brands in our industry, evaluating user-friendly innovations, productivity, and efficiencies. Lawn Care is a changing world today as we look into alternative fuels and increases productivity. We as the service provider, are continuously looking for equipment that not only works well for us but provides quiet, fast, and beautiful results to the customer. Challenges that we face include providing the expected results of lawn care and landscaping as there are so many tools and companies available. We strive to be the best in Raleigh, saving you time and money with the finest results! Our goal is to challenge ourselves to find alternative fuels and to drive our costs down, passing the savings to the customer. Also, as turf professionals, we want to also find a harmonic balance between turf health and soil health, using new technologies for a sustainable lawn. This trade show brought all of the biggest names in the industry and showcased the best and newest tools and equipment, as this stone-aged industry is rapidly changing these days. While at the show, outside vendors allowed demos of all equipment so we could get a true hands-on feel for the new “toys”. Inside the show, it took us 4 hours to walk around and talk to all of the vendors. It was good to meet the faces behind the companies and even provide feedback that we and our customers experience. For 2013, Capital City Groundskeeping will be transitioning into a new fleet of equipment and we hope to enhance and continually improve our dedicated service to our wonderful customer base. | Raleigh Lawn Care & Landscaping




Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner

Hi and thank you so much for visiting Capital City Groundskeeping. We’re a full service lawn care and groundskeeping company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. I started performing lawn maintenance to my clients with one philosophy in mind: provide consistent, superior service while building lasting relationships within our community. As a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, B.S. Turfgrass Science and Biological Sciences, I’ve grown passionate about lawn care and enjoy learning about the constantly growing green industry. After founding CCG over ten years ago, I’m proud in the growth we’ve achieved and excited about our future projects. My name is Ryan Walsh and I look forward to speaking with you about your lawn care questions and groundskeeping goals.