Aeration and Over-Seeding

Do you think Aeration is back-breaking work? …Not to us, in fact we love aeration so much that we may go over your lawn several times in order to penetrate deep into the soil, really getting those roots in shape! Aeration is one of the most important services that you MUST perform yearly, especially here in the Triangle’s hard clay soils. It allows us to extract soil cores, which loosen the soil, relieving root compaction and to allow for oxygen, water, and nutrients to get right to where they are absorbed by the turfgrass plant. Keeping your lawn aerated will not only allow for a healthier, more beautiful lawn, but it will also keep it most efficient and environmentally friendly, as less water and nutrients are wasted from runoff. Generally, we aerate and overseed at the same time to reap multiple benefits and renovate your lawn for the new year.

Our Over-Seeding is performed at a properly measured rate to ensue your lawn will not out compete itself and die or vise versa, not having enough new grass. We guarantee results and follow up to make sure that your lawn is growing properly.

Again, we only select the BEST varieties of turfgrasses from seed. Believe it or not, we actually do read the label on the bags of seed and do our calculations to ensure optimized growth rates, ZERO noxious weeds, and little inert matter (i.e.- other plant parts). These seed blends will make your lawn more drought tolerant, wear and disease resistant. Also, these varieties will often be rated highest on the National Turf Evaluation Program’s studies. Remember we are Turfgrass Professionals so we are even more discriminatory on any seed they sell you at the big box stores.

Whether you are looking to plant a new lawn or just renovate your existing lawn, we will plan out the best method and seeded turfgrass for your lawn! | Raleigh Lawn Care