Liming and Soil Conditioning

Proper liming and soil conditioning is often determined by visual biological clues, while observing your lawn, or by taking soil samples to determine soil pH and nutrient deficiencies. Here in NC, we have extremely old and weathered clay soils. This is our main cause for issues regarding soil pH, as soils will tend to remain acidic. In order to balance the acidity of your lawn (raise pH), we must add dolomitic lime to keep your pH around 5.8-6.5. We then calculate the proper amount needed and apply in the correct steps to ensure soil adjustment, as lime takes up to 6 months before having an effect.

Soil Conditioning in performed when we see that your soil needs more nutrients and organic matter. We can work the conditioner into the soil when planting a new lawn, installing trees and shrubs, or even your home garden. | Raleigh Lawn Care