Mulch & Pinestraw

Fresh Mulch and Pinestraw not only beautifies your home but provides many positive benefits to your landscape. It helps to retain moisture and proper drainage, as well as, color, plant vigor, moderate soil temperatures, and weed prevention. We apply mulch at the proper depths, often spreading and shaping the mulch by hand.

We offer all ranges of mulches from rough cut hardwood to our most popular designer brown dyed mulches.

Mulches & Pinestraw:
• Long leaf Pinestraw
• Slash Pinestraw
• Designer Dark Brown Mulch
• Designer Brown Mulch
• Designer Black Mulch
• Designer Red Mulch
• Certified Playground Mulch
• Cedar Mulch
• Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch
• Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
• Pine Bark Mulch
• Mini Pine Bark Nuggets
• Large Pine Bark Nuggets | Raleigh Lawn Care