Over-seeded Ryegrass | Raleigh Lawn Care

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 by

Some clients ask us about over-seeding their Bermuda lawns with rye grass. This is typically done on some golf courses and athletic fields. It has become more popular with home lawns as you get to enjoy a green year-round lawn. Although beautiful, it can be a real challenge to over-seed and professional assistance is recommended,

Care for your lawn with our year-round fertilization program. As we enter November, it is time to apply the final yearly application of fertilizer to your lawn. This application provides needed potassium to help maintain thick roots for carbohydrate storage over winter. It will also, spoon feed nitrogen to the lawn, giving it a consistent

Fuel prices got you burning? We are one of the only lawn care companies in Raleigh to use lithium ion battery powered equipment.  For over a year now, we have been using new technologies to combat fuel prices an to simply help the environment.  We love this new alternative energy sources, implemented in our hedge