The Key to Successful Core Aeration

by / Wednesday, 10 September 2014 / Published in News Updates

Core Aeration Our Way!-

Now is the time of year to perform core aeration to your cool-season lawn! Core aeration is the only no-till way to relieve soil compaction from your hardened clay, here in the piedmont region. As certified turfgrass professionals, we guarantee results with our core aeration technique as we provide multiple passes with the machine over the lawn, especially in the areas of the lawn that have suffered the most damage from the year’s heat, disease, and other environmental conditions. As you may know, Raleigh and Triangle loves Tall Fescue because of its green year-round growth but it has a tendency to be higher in general lawn maintenance due to its plant characteristics. The main goal of core aeration here is to grow a healthy root system, because after all, we are mainly growing roots here and the grass’ health and aesthetics will follow. Many additional benefits of aeration include, providing great seed to soil contact, which is why the grass seeds germinate so well in the holes and across the surface of the soil. Your lawn will also benefit from less compaction, providing deeper roots for longer turf life and health. We notice every year come towards the end of the summer, customers will complain about a few spots in the lawn where the grass has been ripped up by the zero-turn mowers, this is not actually a case where the mower is doing the damage here per se, it is that the turf’s root system is so worn from the heat and stress factors of the summer that it actually has little to no root systems left, therefore being easily damaged by any play or mechanical operation across the lawn. Aeration will reverse these issues and keep your lawn in shape for the next year ahead.

Why the proper seed matters!-  Yes, you can sit at Home Depot all day and go cross-eyed reading the pretty colored seed bags and their seed tags but the honest truth from a person with a B.S. Turfgrass Science degree is this: YOU CAN NOT BUY QUALITY SEED FROM BIG BOX STORES! I laugh everytime I see someone wasting time to pick the prettiest bag of Scotts at the store. The issue is not only does the seed seed have other crop in it, it may also have “filler” in the form of seed coatings,  and the bag may have been in their back shelf for god knows how long! The truth is you don’t need all of this and the marketing hype. That’s why we sell Blue Tag Certified Seed directly from the Companies. We get one 50 lb bag of seed for what a customer at the hardware store pays double to triple the price, then we pass the savings on to YOU because we have to stay price oriented and competitive in the lawn care business.

We are here to help you with all of your lawn care and core aeration needs. Our goal is to be as honest as possible when it comes to aeration and landscaping, because some people clearly overthink it and buy into the hype. – Trust a lawn pro!

Ryan M. Walsh

B.S. Turfgrass Science / Biological Sciences

Certified NC Turfgrass Professional