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It is still warm out there and some pesky leaves just haven’t fallen yet. Let us come make your home glisten even brighter with a lush lawn and manicured landscaping! Whether you are skipping town for the holidays or having the in-laws over, let us tighty up for you. www.capitalcitygroundskeeping.com | Raleigh Lawn Care    

December Tips | Raleigh Lawn Care

Monday, 10 December 2012 by

Now that the leaves have finished falling, for the most part, it is time to get them to the street for the city’s final round of collection. We suggest keeping your lawn cleared and mulching when possible. Also, remember that just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean that you lawn doesn’t need water. We have

It is always best to keep your nutrients on your lawn! Therefore, we recommend mowing every week, even if the lawn is not growing as quickly anymore, to chop up those leaves and keep you from spending hours blowing leaves. It is better to spend 30 minutes mowing your lawn regularly, than hours, even weekends

As the frost began this week, our Bermuda grass and Zoyzia grass is starting to turn dormant for the winter. With the beginning of the first frost, in combination with lowered soil temperatures, the crown of these grass plants is preparing itself for the 5-6 month rest. It is a good idea to make sure

Now is the time to focus on preparing your lawn for the winter. The leaves are starting to fall much heavier now as Raleigh, NC is seeing cold fronts continue to pass. Trimming bushes and limbing trees is the best option in reducing the amount of shade in your lawn, also allowing for more direct