Weed Control Update- Raleigh Landscaping and Lawn Care

by / Monday, 08 September 2014 / Published in News Updates

Raleigh Weed Control Update for September 2014 – Raleigh Landscaping and lawn care

This has been a tough year for weeds in the Raleigh area. Our weather has been so wet this year that we have worn off our lawn pre-emergents from the spring. This allows crabgrass and basically any seed that wants to germinate, to grow up in your lawn. We have seen crabgrass as the main concern as it has been rampant in almost every fescue lawn. We are still currently spraying for crabgrass in conjunction with fall aeration and seeding, as our newer control methods for treating crabgrass do not affect seed germination. Keep in mind that crabgrass can come from anywhere or just lay dormant in the soil until conditions are right for viable seed to germinate and also, the plant itself will die out after the first frost, so growth can depend mostly on the current year’s weather patterns. Crabgrass is a tricky weed to control, especially as it ages, however in order to reduce or prevent crabgrass naturally, mowing heights play a HUGE factor in keeping the weed at bay; mowing between 3.5 inches to 4 inches is best!  Other weeds that we have seen especially bad this year include, nutsedge (purple and yellow), virginia buttonweed, Crabgrass (large and smooth), japanese stiltgrass, and spurge.

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