Fuel Prices Got You Burning? Raleigh Lawn Care

by / Saturday, 13 October 2012 / Published in News Updates

Fuel prices got you burning? We are one of the only lawn care companies in Raleigh to use lithium ion battery powered equipment.  For over a year now, we have been using new technologies to combat fuel prices an to simply help the environment.  We love this new alternative energy sources, implemented in our hedge trimmers, lawn sprayers, and edgers.  Our employees love them as they are easy to use and powerful, as well as, our customers as we hear that they love the reduced noise and pollution!  We are always actively seeking new eco-friendly tools and power equipment to provide the best landscaping with reduced emissions.  In fact, the equipment manufacturer Stihl featured us in their publications for using their reduced and no emissions equipment.  http://capitalcitygroundskeeping.com/capital-city-groundskeeping-featured-in-stihl-usa/

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