Raleigh Weed Control Update for September 2014 – Raleigh Landscaping and lawn care This has been a tough year for weeds in the Raleigh area. Our weather has been so wet this year that we have worn off our lawn pre-emergents from the spring. This allows crabgrass and basically any seed that wants to germinate,

Controlling weeds in the fall can be difficult, due to restrictions which may limit over-seeding of Tall Fescue Lawns. Spraying for weeds has a 1-3 week effect on seed germination. Once this waiting period wears off then you can seed in your lawn to achieve full coverage. Once the lawn is actively growing, after 3

Raleigh Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals The Rains have been keeping the soils very moist throughout the Triangle this past week. Crabgrass and sedges are at their worst growing and spreading rapidly to make a freshly cut lawn look shaggy within 3-5 days. We are finishing our spraying routes so we can allow for the