Our trip to Louisville, KY for the GIE + EXPO, the largest trade show of the green industry, was fun and eventful! We were able to explore and all demo all of the major brands in our industry, evaluating user-friendly innovations, productivity, and efficiencies. Lawn Care is a changing world today as we look into

We are making a trip up to Louisville, Ky for the 11th largest trade show in the US! It is the Green Industry Expo, where all members of the green industry can gather to see and experience new technologies and products to make us better service providers. We are looking forward to the opportunity to

Fuel prices got you burning? We are one of the only lawn care companies in Raleigh to use lithium ion battery powered equipment.  For over a year now, we have been using new technologies to combat fuel prices an to simply help the environment.  We love this new alternative energy sources, implemented in our hedge

Have we mentioned that we continue to use eco-friendly and NO Emissions equipment??! In fact, we are one of the ONLY landscaping and lawn care companies in the Triangle that offer these services. We utilize lithium-ion powered hedge trimmers, which prove to be better performing than the gas counterpart, as well as, electric powered sprayers