That’s right, we as certified turf grass professionals we only use Certified Blue Tag Fescue seed in conjunction with fall aeration. You haven’t met picky until you meet us, we only buy the best Fescue Blended seed, blue tag certified, that includes top performers on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program’s annual trials. The seed is

Controlling weeds in the fall can be difficult, due to restrictions which may limit over-seeding of Tall Fescue Lawns. Spraying for weeds has a 1-3 week effect on seed germination. Once this waiting period wears off then you can seed in your lawn to achieve full coverage. Once the lawn is actively growing, after 3

Now is the time to focus on cleaning up your lawn, making it weed-free for the fall Tall Fescue aeration season.  We can work with you to discuss your need and future goals with your lawn, so we can grow you a healthy lawn for you and your family to enjoy.  Your lawn is an investment

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Which grass type is right for me?  We get asked this question a lot and here in Raleigh as growing grass is actually very challenging due to our poor clayey soils and ever changing climate.  In North Raleigh, we mainly say stick to what your neighbors have (if they have decent lawns), which is generally

Bermuda & Zoysia Lawns

Friday, 10 August 2012 by

Bermuda and Zoysia lawns in the Triangle have seen a good growing season this summer.  They have had plenty of rain to keep them spreading into thick luscious lawns, not to mention the heat they seem to like.  I spent most of my weekends on Lake Gaston, where I renovated a lawn from Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue Lawns Update

Sunday, 05 August 2012 by

Wow! These lawns just keep growing and looking good for this time of year. We are happy to have seen the rains and somewhat lowered temperatures to keep Tall Fescue in shape. We plan on beginning our aeration season on time, as the ground will be soft, in early September. Football season is also starting,

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