6 Step Fertilization Program

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Capital City Groundskeeping – Fertilization Program

Application 1- (Early March)
Pre-Emergent Fertilizer custom blended for your lawn! This treatment will prevent weeds while promote rapid green-up for the change in season.

Application 2- (Early May)
Another application of custom blended Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer combination to fit the needs of your lawn. This treatment will prevent crabgrass and tough summer weeds from ever popping up. Your lawn will also establish an efficient root system in which it is well grounded for summer heat, disease, and drought pressures.

Application 3- (June-July)
This application includes a special blend of 50% organic components to help amend soil structure, as well as, provide a very slow release of nutrients during the most stressful time of year, for your lawn.

Application 4- (September-Early October)
This application is like an energy drink for your lawn! It provides a healthy jump start for nutrients to follow your yearly aeration and seeding program. This starter fertilizer allows the new grass to grow and develop fast and effectively, while allowing your existing lawn to have a lush green tone.

Application 5- (November-Early December)
This Winterizer fertilizer application provides a healthy boost of potassium to get your roots in shape for the colder soil temperatures. Not only will your lawn stay green but it will also keep its vigor with this feeding.

Application 6- (January)
In the cold months, many clients complain about the yellowing of their lawn, this occurs due to the cold weather and nutrient deficiencies. This application will help to correct the changes in color as your soil bounces from freezing and thawing conditions. Your lawn may not be growing but is still alive and active!



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