Certifications set us apart, as not only is it good to have experience in the lawn care industry but it is important to hire lawn companies that know what they’re doing. This is so you get what you paid for done right! Landscaping and lawn care is backed with a lot of science, just like

Lawn Care Tip: Soil pH

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by

We are now liming to correct soil pH.  Did you know that lime can take 6 months to react with the soil to actually start to change soil pH?  Applying lime is beneficial to Raleigh soils in so many ways; first, it raised the pH to combat the acidic clay soils of the Triangle and

CCG September Update – Raleigh Lawn Care

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 by

Lawn care has been a challenge for all this summer here in Raleigh!  The heat continues to persist as we now enter mid September and rain is pounding the triangle almost everyday.  This creates high humidity and favorable conditions for turf diseases.  We are anxious for cooling as we now start our aeration and re-seeding

Which grass type is right for me?  We get asked this question a lot and here in Raleigh as growing grass is actually very challenging due to our poor clayey soils and ever changing climate.  In North Raleigh, we mainly say stick to what your neighbors have (if they have decent lawns), which is generally

Turf Diseases Continue

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 by

With the continuing fluctuation in high temperatures and humidity’s, we can still see a potential for a lot of damaging turf diseases, which will spread and possibly kill your lawn. Again, if you see any donut shaped rings or browning splatter marks on your lawn, please let us know so we can treat the diseases

Preventing Lawn Disease

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 by

Lawn Diseases are quickly spreading due to the humidity and heat! Act fast to have your lawn treated for Brown Patch and Pythium, as preventative control works much more effectively than once you already have an infestation. We offer 3 yearly treatments, each one month apart starting now in early June. Once an infestation of