Fall Aeration is Approaching Aeration season is approaching, your lawn may still be looking decent after this year’s rain and cooler summer temperatures but aeration can fix your bad areas and improve your overall turf health.  Aeration should be performed yearly in the fall, on cool season turf. Aeration decreases soil compaction, allowing roots to

It is always best to keep your nutrients on your lawn! Therefore, we recommend mowing every week, even if the lawn is not growing as quickly anymore, to chop up those leaves and keep you from spending hours blowing leaves. It is better to spend 30 minutes mowing your lawn regularly, than hours, even weekends

2012 Raleigh Leaf Collection Zones With the start of November, it is time to begin to blow your leaves down to the street curbside, as the city starts to make their rounds of sucking them up.  We highly recommend that you mow and mulch the leaves as much as possible, as they provide essential nutrients to the

We are seeing high temperatures again this October.  Last fall and winter were very mild and here we are continuing to see highs in the mid 80′ this week.  The leaves are falling now but still not as heavy as they typically do by this time of year. As the trees begin to plaster your lawn with

Now is the time for Aeration of Bermuda lawns. We can greatly effect the health and appearance of your warm- season lawn by aerating it and applying a starter fertilizer. This will improve nutrient uptake, water infiltration, soil oxygen, and reduce soil compaction.   Aeration of the Triangle Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner Hi and

6 Step Fertilization Program

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Capital City Groundskeeping – Fertilization Program Application 1- (Early March) Pre-Emergent Fertilizer custom blended for your lawn! This treatment will prevent weeds while promote rapid green-up for the change in season. Application 2- (Early May) Another application of custom blended Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer combination to fit the needs of your lawn. This treatment will prevent