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Friday, 28 December 2012 by

We have expanded to now offer snow plowing and salt treatments! If we experience some winter weather this year let us help to clear your path. Homes and businesses alike can count on CCG to keep your family or customers safe on site. | Raleigh Lawn Care   Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner Hi and

Don’t get caught slipping and sliding this winter in your own driveway. Call us to coordinate a winter care package, so we can keep you accessible in any weather. We can plow, shovel, or pre-treat your sidewalks and driveways, just in case. | Raleigh Lawn Care     Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner Hi and

If you have not already done so, now is the time to winterize your irrigation systems to prevent pipe freezes and burst. We are seeing soil temperatures in the 40’s now and cold weather is creeping in fast, on our typical highs and lows temperature roller coaster that we experience here in Raleigh. We are

If you aerated and seeded your Raleigh lawn, then now is the time to begin winterizing your lawn. Our fertilization program consists of a final fertilizer of the year, which we call our winterizer. It is high in Phosphorous and designed to keep your roots healthy throughout the winter, as well as, keep your lawn

Now is the time to focus on preparing your lawn for the winter. The leaves are starting to fall much heavier now as Raleigh, NC is seeing cold fronts continue to pass. Trimming bushes and limbing trees is the best option in reducing the amount of shade in your lawn, also allowing for more direct

6 Step Fertilization Program

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 by

Capital City Groundskeeping – Fertilization Program Application 1- (Early March) Pre-Emergent Fertilizer custom blended for your lawn! This treatment will prevent weeds while promote rapid green-up for the change in season. Application 2- (Early May) Another application of custom blended Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer combination to fit the needs of your lawn. This treatment will prevent