Backed by our university research and testing, our year-long maintenance calendars and fertilizer programs are proven to be the ultimate performers on your lawn here in the Triangle. The old joke of North Carolina is that with our hard clay soils and harsh climates, we can grow all types of grasses, just not any of

Raleigh Lawn Care – Whether you are traveling or at home for the holiday, make sure to spend time with family and friends and relax. This is the one long weekend many of us will see off until the Christmas holiday, which can be very hectic. I always enjoy spending time at home with my

As the frost began this week, our Bermuda grass and Zoyzia grass is starting to turn dormant for the winter. With the beginning of the first frost, in combination with lowered soil temperatures, the crown of these grass plants is preparing itself for the 5-6 month rest. It is a good idea to make sure

Care for your lawn with our year-round fertilization program. As we enter November, it is time to apply the final yearly application of fertilizer to your lawn. This application provides needed potassium to help maintain thick roots for carbohydrate storage over winter. It will also, spoon feed nitrogen to the lawn, giving it a consistent

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We all think that if we sometimes do the work ourselves, we can save money. We all want to save money, but when it comes to your lawn care and landscaping, we are here to save you that money by often doing the job quicker and less costly that if it were to do yourself.

Now is the time to focus on preparing your lawn for the winter. The leaves are starting to fall much heavier now as Raleigh, NC is seeing cold fronts continue to pass. Trimming bushes and limbing trees is the best option in reducing the amount of shade in your lawn, also allowing for more direct