By Ryan Walsh | Student, North Carolina State University Many factors effect drainage from turfgrass. Soil slope plays a role in how the excess water will run off the land and the rate at which it will run off. A factor that can restrict run off or leachate is the turfgrass cover. Turfgrass that is

If you aerated and seeded your Raleigh lawn, then now is the time to begin winterizing your lawn. Our fertilization program consists of a final fertilizer of the year, which we call our winterizer. It is high in Phosphorous and designed to keep your roots healthy throughout the winter, as well as, keep your lawn

This fall it is a must to aerate, seed and fertilize your lawn for a complete lawn renovation.  Aeration using a starter fertilizer is a must to jump start the lawn again and get the new seedlings to germinate.  The much needed phosphorous is fed slowly to the roots and the new grass to provide