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By Ryan Walsh | Student, North Carolina State University Many factors effect drainage from turfgrass. Soil slope plays a role in how the excess water will run off the land and the rate at which it will run off. A factor that can restrict run off or leachate is the turfgrass cover. Turfgrass that is

Lawn Care Tip: Soil pH

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by

We are now liming to correct soil pH.  Did you know that lime can take 6 months to react with the soil to actually start to change soil pH?  Applying lime is beneficial to Raleigh soils in so many ways; first, it raised the pH to combat the acidic clay soils of the Triangle and

Finally, Raleigh Is Starting To Cool Down

Saturday, 22 September 2012 by

Finally, Raleigh is starting to cool down in the evenings and lawns are being renovated with aeration and over seeding.  Our new custom seed blend is Blue Tag certified and 100% Weed Free.  We only choose seeds that offer the best hardiness for our unique lawn care conditions here in Raleigh.  We are also one of the

Now is the time for Aeration of Bermuda lawns. We can greatly effect the health and appearance of your warm- season lawn by aerating it and applying a starter fertilizer. This will improve nutrient uptake, water infiltration, soil oxygen, and reduce soil compaction.   Aeration of the Triangle Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner Hi and