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Preventing Lawn Disease

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 by

Lawn Diseases are quickly spreading due to the humidity and heat! Act fast to have your lawn treated for Brown Patch and Pythium, as preventative control works much more effectively than once you already have an infestation. We offer 3 yearly treatments, each one month apart starting now in early June. Once an infestation of

Now is the time for Aeration of Bermuda lawns. We can greatly effect the health and appearance of your warm- season lawn by aerating it and applying a starter fertilizer. This will improve nutrient uptake, water infiltration, soil oxygen, and reduce soil compaction.   Aeration of the Triangle Ryan Walsh, Founder & Owner Hi and

6 Step Fertilization Program

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 by

Capital City Groundskeeping – Fertilization Program Application 1- (Early March) Pre-Emergent Fertilizer custom blended for your lawn! This treatment will prevent weeds while promote rapid green-up for the change in season. Application 2- (Early May) Another application of custom blended Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer combination to fit the needs of your lawn. This treatment will prevent

As all NC residents have noticed, this past winter and now spring has continued to be mild and relatively wet.  This is contributing to excessive germination of winter annual weeds and spiked insect issues.  By now, we have sprayed for all weeds on our regularly scheduled customers and they seem to be a dwindling issue. 

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