Cool season grasses, Tall Fescue especially, have seen a rapid increase in brown patch and dollar spot disease over the past 2 weeks. This increase is attributed to the Triangle’s heat and humidity that has begun. It is always a good idea to spray a preventative fungicide one in each of the summer months for

Lawn Care Tip: Soil pH

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by

We are now liming to correct soil pH.  Did you know that lime can take 6 months to react with the soil to actually start to change soil pH?  Applying lime is beneficial to Raleigh soils in so many ways; first, it raised the pH to combat the acidic clay soils of the Triangle and

Turf Diseases Continue

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 by

With the continuing fluctuation in high temperatures and humidity’s, we can still see a potential for a lot of damaging turf diseases, which will spread and possibly kill your lawn. Again, if you see any donut shaped rings or browning splatter marks on your lawn, please let us know so we can treat the diseases